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Author: Kieran E. McMullen
 ISBN: 978-1-908056-21-4. 
104pp + 4pp cover. 210 mm x 148 mm. Cover colour, Text black & white.

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The Book:

The War of Independence had been going well for the IRA in 1921, but the country as a whole was tiring of it and also, while morale was still high, the IRA's ammunition for the fight was low. 

DeValera reasoned that, as Ireland claimed to be a sovereign nation in its own right, it should be seen to have an army, an army that could fight battles, not just carry out petty raids on isolated police barracks. 

The Custom House had been on the IRA’s hit list since as early as 1919, and several attempts had already been made to attack it, but all had been called off for various reasons.

But now, it was to be attacked in earnest. The result of many recces, meetings and debates was that the attack would be conducted in broad daylight, by members of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade. 

The Author:

A retired US Army Lt-Col. of Field Artillery, veteran of the Korean DMZ and Operation Desert Storm, Kieran McMullen also served 14 years in law enforcement. A trained shooting reconstructionist and firearms instructor, he also has a BA in Irish History.

Kieran and his wife Christina have a small farm in coastal Darien, Georgia
with horses, chickens, and an Irish Wolfhound, and frequently visit Ireland, where his affinity with the Easter Rising is explained by his recently-uncovered relative, Patrick Murray, who was in the GPO in 1916 and took part in The O’Rahilly’s charge in Moore Street. Wounded, he was sent to Frongoch and later fought in the War of Independence.

The author of several published works of fiction including
“Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels”, in “Weapons of the Easter Rising”, Kieran has drawn on his encyclopaedic knowledge of historical weapons to produce an accessible and comprehensive overview of the weapons used in the struggle to create a free and independent Ireland. 

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Kieran McMullen has given a talk on the Weapons of the Burning of the Custom House attack at the Centenary Conference here: t
and you can access it at the above link.
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