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An update will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

By: Helen Kelly, Eamonn McHale, Jimmy Stephenson. Illustrations by Jimmy Wren.

ISBN: 978-0-995594-50-0. 192 pp + cover. 

256 mm x 182 mm. Cover colour, text black and white. 

€18 + P&P

.Jimmy Wren, Born in Dublin. He is the son of James Wren who, at the age of 17, served in the GPO during the Rising, 

Jimmy is an accomplished Irish Historian and Writer, having written and illustrated such major works as 'Villages of Dublin', and produced a series of Biographical Dictionaries of the men and women of 1916 - 'GPO Garrison Easter Week 1916' 'Four Courts Garrison Easter Week 1916' and now 'Heuston's Fort Easter Week 1916'- the story of the gallant fight put up by the men of the Mendicity Institution during the Easter Rising.

All these books are long out of print - snapped up by historians and admirers of Jimmy's artwork alike. Recently, however, a box of some 30 copies of "Heuston's Fort" was discovered and Kilmainham Tales purchased it. We are now delighted to be able to offer these last few copies for sale.

The book is a mine of information, as anyone who has read Jimmy's other two books will know. But this book is different - it  tells the story of this famous battle in the Easter Rising of 1916, and is written by three Grandchildren of combatants. It clearly demonstrates the importance of the battle of the Mendicity Institution Garrison to the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland.

The small contingent of 29 men made a significant contribution in prolonging the rebellion by preventing large numbers of 

troops from attacking the central command in the General Post Office and other  large garrisons such as Boland's Mills and the Four Courts.

The authors are: 
Helen Kelly, 
Born in Rush and Granddaughter to Patrick Kelly, Lusk Company, 5th Battalion 'Fingal Brigade', who was mobilised on the Easter Monday under Commandant Tom Ashe. 

He was part of the reinforcements sent by Connolly to the Mendicity. Helen has had a long-time interest in The Rising. 

Eamonn McHale,
Born in Dublin and grandson to William O'Dea who assembled at St. George's Church on Easter Monday along with his fellow Volunteers of D Company, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade.

 Eamonn has a great interest and pride in the men of the Mendicity Garrison. 

Jimmy Stephenson, Grandson to Patrick J. Stephenson who was Quartermaster to Seán Heuston's D Company. 

The book is a Paperback first edition with 190 pages and 100 illustrations. 

We are delighted to be able to offer this work to the public for this last time. 

We have taken this book on board and agreed to sell it, even though it is not one of our publications, as we are also undertaking a couple of major projects with the artist Jimmy Wren in the near future, and realise that there are serious collectors of his work who will be missing this particular work from their collection.
Watch for some exciting news coming shortly about new publications from Jimmy Wren under the Kilmainham Tales banner.
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