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Author: Joe Connell
 ISBN 9781--908056-12-2. 56 pp A5. Cover colour, text black and white. €6 + P&P

At the beginning of the 20th century, the recognition that children were the future of the Irish Nationalist movement fuelled initiatives to prepare young people for their forthcoming roles within that movement by educating them along Nationalist lines.

Aspects of the Irish cultural revival played an important part in this education … one of the first initiatives was to offer free classes in Irish language, history, music, dancing, and needlework for children over the age of nine.

These classes were designed to address the perceived shortcomings of the national school curriculum, which Nationalists did not deem Irish enough in content. Through organisations such as Na Fianna Éireann, a generation of Irish youth was taught its heritage, and its right to own that heritage.

Author Joe Connell charts the initiatives which sought to capture the minds and hearts of the Irish people, and those behind these initiatives as they prepared to 1throw off the shackles of 800 years bondage.

(Left) St. Enda's School, established by Patrick Pearse.
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