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Author: Ciara Scott

ISBN: 978-1-908056-05-4 52pp A5. Cover colour, text black and white  €6 + P&P

Darling of the Castle, beloved of the poor

Constance Gore Booth – Countess de Markievicz – was the darling of the Dublin Castle social scene at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Yet, in 1916, she took part in a rebellion that was to rock the foundations of her former world.

Artist, Nationalist, Socialist, Rebel, Prisoner, Celebrity, Mother and Politician, Madame Markievicz became the darling of the working class of Dublin, the first woman elected to the British Parliament, a passionate defender of the rights of the underdog.

This complex, remarkable woman is brought to life in this wonderful new biography by Ciara Scott. We read of her marriage to a Polish Count, and why it failed; her less-than full relationship with her and her husband's children. We learn of the Countess’ heroes, and her passion for righting social wrongs.

This marvellous biography by new author Ciara Scott

explains this most complex of characters in simple terms, allowing us a clear and unfettered overview of a self-publicist who gave up everything to help the poor and fight for Ireland’s right to self-determination.

Madame was a fun-loving, serious person, a self-centred woman who put others’ needs before her own and was prepared to die for her principals.

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