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This book is the first in a series describing the author's unique collection of Irish historical memorabilia ranging primarily from the lead up to the Easter Rising of 1916 through to the end of the Second World War (known euphemistically as "the Emergency" in Ireland).

Conor was born and raised in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, ireland. He studied for and gained a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Ulster at Coleraine in 1994. 

Afterwards, he travelled to the United States of America and attended Brown University, providence, Rhode island, USA where he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry in 1998.

Conor has spent his entire working career in precious metals, ranging from such positions as Research and Development, through Sales and Marketing up to top management in the most recent company before retiring.

Since then Conor has had the opportunity to focus on his ever-growing and unique collection of primarily Irish history - a collection which, as already noted, concentrates on the first half of the 20th century.

The book is fully illustrated in full colour throughout and is written by Conor himself in response to many requests for information on items in his collection.

Conor's respect for the items in his care, and their 'back stories' is obvious here, where he mixes historical fact and biographies with advice for the collector.


ISBN: 978-1908-056900. 202 pp + cover. 
256 mm x 182 mm. Cover colour, Colour illustrations throughout. 
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See and hear the author as he shows and describes some of his collection and the stories behind the items on this YouTube video 
We have taken this book on board and agreed to sell it, even though it is not one of our publications, as we believe it is an excellent and important addition to part of the history we cover, told in an engaging and informative manner. There is a wealth of detail on Conor's collection but also some excellent advice for the collector. Throughout the book Conor's love of and respect for the items he is privileged to be the guardian of shines through as he puts flesh on these, the bones of irish history.
We are delighted, thanks to Conor, to be able to offer this book to our readers.
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