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Thank You

          A huge thank you to all who watched and/or interacted with our speakers during our online Centenary conference.

        Without the feedback and questions we would have had no idea of how we were doing.

        We believe the Conference was a resounding success and thanks are due to all the speakers who made it so. 

        We are not finished yet. This is the centenary year - not just one day - so we are planning a talk a month for the year. 

   We will put all our talks on our special YouTube channel (see below), Unfortunately, at present, due to a major computer collapse, we cannot edit or upload any more than the first 8 videos at present. However, we are working hard to overcome this and hope to be back online shortly after a new computer arrives.

                              Watch this space for details.

Mícheál & Liz

 Watch all the past talks on our special YouTube channel at this link: tinyurl.com/May25Burning
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