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Another Successful Conference

This, our 8th successive Annual Conference on the Burning of the Custom House 1921, was a major success.

With several new researchers presenting, and some seasoned ones, this was a mix of the old and the new.

Some subjects were possibly controversial - such as Ernest McColl's talk on the Auxiliaries - but all were stimulating and gave rise to much discussion among the participants. 

Once again the Custom House did us proud as regards facilities and refreshment, and we were looked after with courtesy, humour and enthusiasm.

We are grateful, too, to our sponsors Dublin City Council for its support and look forward to ongoing co-operation with this body; our regular sponsors Liz 

Independence, we are conscious Gillis' Rebellion Walking Tours in Dublin, and Micheal O Doibhilin's Kilmainham Tales Teo., without whom this could not have been the success it was.

As we approach the centenary of this pivotal event in the War of of the need to explore ALL aspects of it. We were delighted, therefore to have talks on:

“The Battle For Government: The 1918 General Election” by Liam Cowley;                

"IRA GHQ and the War of Independence 1919-21" by Gerry Shannon;

“Tudor’s Toughs: The Auxiliaries In Ireland 1920-1921” by Ernest McCall;

"The Custom House Fire Brigade” by Liz Gillis;

"First Responders - the Auxiliaries at the Customs House raid 1921" by Paul O’Brien;

"Forgotten Allies - the men of the Dublin Fire brigade and their role in the burning of the Custom House" by Las Fallon;

“Read All About It!: Reports Of The Attack Of The Custom House In The Irish Newspapers” by Cathy Scuffil;

"War of Words - kindling the media interest" by MícheáÓ Doibhilín.

Apart from the talks, we had an excellent range of relevant books and lapel badges, capably curated bu Olive Kenna, proud mother of our sorely missed friend and fellow historian, Dr. Shane Kenna.

Call For Papers
It is never too early to start planning, so this is preliminary call for papers for next year's conference which will be on Saturday May 25th, the exact date when, 98 years before, the Custom House was attacked. 
If you have an idea for a paper to present, we'd love to hear from you. At this stage all we want is the outline of the idea in as many or as few words as you think necessary. 
Send your suggestion to:
Burning of the Custom House Conference 2019 at editor@annedevlin.ie.
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