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Author: Joe Connell

ISBN: 978-1-908056-10-8 56pp + cover. A5. Cover colour, text black and white  €6 + P&P

During the early 20th Century women became more and more important in the pursuit of Irish independence and political and civil rights for all.

Coming from every walk of life, they asserted their righteous claim to be part of the shaping of the nation and its future. They joined the male dominated organisations of the period – but also started their own in order to have a role in their operation and influence

their policies. Inghinidhe na hÉireann, the Women’s Social and Political Union, the Irish Women’s Workers’ Union, Cumann na mBan etc. all contributed greatly to the Independence, Labour and Franchise movements of the time.

The first extensive imprison-ment of women took place following the Easter Rising of 1916, and they continued to be imprisoned for their activities through the Irish War of

Independence and the subsequent Irish Civil War.

The last women prisoners were released in December 1923. They felt they had served the Republic and their time in prison to no avail and without recognition for their sacrifices. 

Sighle Humphreys summed it up when she wrote: “We were flattened. We felt the Irish public had forgotten us. The tinted trappings of our fight were hanging like rags about us”

All of their experiences are remarkable. Most are incredible. All of the women were indomitable.

These are just some of the stories of these forgotten patriots.

Joe Connell is a regular contributor to this website, and this book is a follow on to his successful "Rebels' Priests".

Joe has also written three books for other publishers and has more two in the pipeline.

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