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Kilmainham Tales authors are seen by many to be experts in their fields, and we are frequently called to advise or assist projects in the media. 

One of the biggest projects we have worked on to date was "A Terrible Beauty/Aille an Uafais" by Tile FIlms for TG4 here in Ireland.

This docudrama broke new ground with its treatment of its subject and in the telling of the story. Kilmainham Tales author Paul O'Brien (left), in hia capacity as historian, author and expert on the subjet, was an advisor to this fim, aqnd appears in it. Micheal O Doibhilin, (right) Kilmainham Tales Founder and MD, appeared there also. 

Read about this production below.

A Terrible Beauty

Tile Films' "A Terrible Beauty" was shown on TG4 on Easter Monday, April 21, at 9.30pm.

This award-winning docudrama tells, in a way we have never seen before, the events of the Easter Rising seen through the eyes of ALL.

Using words from individual diaries and statements made by survivors - British soldiers, Irish combatants ... and civilians - this is a powerful, no-holds-barred film and compulsive viewing, essential for a real appreciation and understanding of the events of Easter week in Dublin, 1916 ... and their aftermath. “A Terrible Beauty” is a dark story which does not sit comfortably with the traditional lionised imagery of what transpired during the Rising. Firsthand accounts of the British soldier, Irish Volunteer and civilian are interwoven, giving a fresh perspective on these key events. 

This docudrama is possibly unique, with the 

voices of the protagonists on both sides and the tragic civilians caught in the middle being heard for the first time. In this it is redolent of "You Are There", the seminal US historical drama series with Walter Cronkite (CBS< 1952-7).Existing archive footage has been used to illustrate the major historic moments and establish the background story to the events leading up to the rising of 1916, intermixed with scripted drama elements depicting  key events in the rising and the actions of individuals.

Consultant to the film, and a contributor to it, was our own Paul O’Brien, author of the two seminal books on the action involved (“Blood on the Streets” – Mount Street Bridge, and “Crossfire” Four Courts/North King Street). Also featured is Micheal O Doibhilin, who gives his opinion on the events depicted.

This is a film to watch – don’t miss it.  For further information see www.1916film.com 

Late News:

Well, did you see it? If you missed the showing on TG4, remember that is available on TG4's online player here for 35 days.

The film now has a dedicated website , it's own facebook page and twitter handle (@1916ATB). 

Please email friends and family, share information about the film on facebook/twitter, like/follow the producers' social media pages and generally spread the word as much as possible. This is a film that must be seen. 

Read what the Irish Independent has to say here

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