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Author: Dr. Shane Kenna

ISBN: 978-1-908056-02-3 36pp A5. Cover colour, text black and white  €6 + P&P

The Fenians – colossus of Irish History

The Fenians bestrode Irish history like a Colossus – carrying the torches of Liberty and Equality through the second half of the 19th century until, eventually 

yielding them to those who began the final, successful push in 1916..

Starting as two separate organisations, The Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood (IRB) in Ireland and the Fenian Brotherhood in America, the Fenians’ influence cast a long shadow over the history not only of Ireland but also of England and America.

This story is one of international intrigue, science-based terrorism, a Diaspora reclaiming its birthright. And yet, despite huge support, the Fenians failed, only increasing English paranoia about rebel Ireland, and discomfiting the United States with their abortive invasion of Canada, many ending up in jail (including Kilmainham Gaol) or exile.

Author and historian Dr. Shane Kenna gives us a truly clear, concise history of ‘the most important revolutionary movement in Irish History’ during its formative and most active years, and placing the Fenians centre-stage in the vast and complex diorama that is Irish Republican history.

- 92B2541B0187574322DEBA0287204ED2