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Joseph E. A. Connell, Jr. is a native of the United States of America, and lives in Florida from where, through the marvels of the Internet, the world is his oyster.

Following a distinguished academic career, Joe qualified Juris Doctor Cum Laude from Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA in June 1979. 

He immediately set up his practice and, in 1983, hired his first associate. Eventually his practice employed 4 lawyers, 3 paralegals, and 3 law clerks. 

The practice was business oriented, with particular emphasis on corporations, business transactions, and tax law. 

In November 1993 Joe turned the practice over to his associates and left California for Florida, from where he has consulted on a pro bono basis in business law ever since.

Joe’s interest in Ireland and particularly in its history reflects his Irish heritage, 

and his interest in Ireland and its people and history has deepened over the years. 

In time he came to concentrate his research/ interest on early 20th Century Ireland – with a particular focus on the period prior to the Rising up to the founding and early days of the Irish nation.

Joe is a regular visitor to Ireland, visiting each year for about a month. This gives him the opportunity to maintain contact with 21st Century Ireland and also the many Irish friends and colleagues he has come to know through the years.

In 2006 Dublin City Council, in association with Four Courts Press, published Joe’s “Where’s Where in Dublin” as their official commemoration volume for the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising .

His second book, the critically acclaimed “Dublin in Rebellion”, was published by Lilliput Press in 2009, and has become an essential reference source 

Listen to author Joe Connell as he talks about Michael Collins and about his latest book "Who Shot Michael Collins?" with Teresa Quinn on Liffey Sound 96.4fm.

for all who study Dublin  1913-24.

Joe has a regular spot on Talking History on Newstalk 106, in which he discusses with Patrick Goeghegan some aspect of the period 1913-16 that coincides with the month in question, and is also a columnist in History Ireland

His column “Countdown to 2016” appears in each issue, and is a somewhat chronological march to 2016, outlining events that happened in the months/years leading to the Rising. The column is intended to give the reader a feeling for the continuity of events leading to 1916.

Joe contributes an eclectic mix of articles to the Kilmainham Tales website on the personalities, places and events of the turbulent years between 1913 and 1924. 

A mini-series within this has been about the priests, mainly Capuchins, who ministered to the spiritual needs of the rebels during the Easter Rising, War of Independence and the Civil War, titled Ministering to Republicans” 

So successful has this mini-series been that a book based on it – “Rebels’ Priests” – has been published by Kilmainham Tales. Joe has also written Kilmainham Tale 11 - "Unequal Patriots" - about some of the women involved in the Irish freedom struggle, and "Teaching Rebels

which looks at the role of education, teachers and pupils in the early revolutionary years of the 20th century..

Of course, behind every successful man is a woman, and Joe is no exception. In his case it is his partner and muse, Pam Brewster

Pam, Joe says, is inspirational in everything he does and writes. As can be seen from the photograph (Joe is on the right, the tall one!), this includes playing golf. 

Joe has recently taken an interest in rowing …. But more of that later!!

But Joe is not resting on his laurels, continuing to research and write. Two books on the Easter Rising have just been published by Wordwell "Dublin Rising 1916" and "Who's Who in the Dublin Rising 1916", and he is working on a biography of a leader in Ireland's struggle for independence - watch this space.

Joe Connell can be contacted through Kilmainham Tales’ e-mail here.   

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