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Mícheál Ó Doibhilín is a historian, author and tour guide. 

In the past he worked in such varied positions as Creative Director of an advertising agency, Personnel Manager of an engineering company, manager of his own Graphic Design company, Quality Assurance manager, Corporate Reform co-Ordinator and Customer Liaison, to name but a few of the positions he has held during his career to date. 

Mícheál is the founder and Managing Director of Kilmainham Tales Teo. He conceived the idea, and established the company with his daughter, Jenny.

Today, Micheal publishes, edits and writes for the Kilmainham Tales series, a role he previously filled when he founded and organised the Kilmainham Gaol inhouse guides' magazine SentenceS

Micheal is the author of Kilmainham Tale 1 “Anne Devlin – bravest of the brave” as well as “Joe Poole – the sixth Invincible?”, and co-author of “Abandonment to Restoration”.Forthcoming is his “The Pawn and the Castle” (the second part of Anne Devlin's incredible story) and "Kilmainham Hanged" - tales from the trapdoor as it were, about those executed in the Gaol over the years.

Micheal is a qualified graphic designer, a professional editor, a keen photographer and has a personal ambition to record as many of the stories of Kilmainham Gaol as possible.

He has a special interest in 19th century social and penal history, but also researches the Irish struggle of the early 20th century.

Mícheál gives talks all over Ireland – from Belfast to Kerry – on subjects as

diverse as Anne Devlin, War of Independence, Transportation etc. He can be contacted through Kilmainham Tales or here.

Mícheál has completed his own book on “Joe Poole – the 6th Invincible?” and is currently awaiting clearance of copyright for one illustration before formally publishing it. Details here

His next project? Another Anne Devlin book is being written "The Pawn and the Castle". This is based on Mícheál’s popular illustrated talk on the spies of Dublin Castle and Anne’s conflict with them. It will tell of her struggle to protect Robert Emmet’s legacy and keep his dream of a democratic republic alive, ensuring him his rightful place in the history of Ireland. No publishing date is currently available but watch this site for updates.Othebooks Micheal is working on include one on some of the hangings of prisoners of Kilmainham Gaol, and this will include some rare or previously unknown facts. Further details will be released as they become available.

In addition he is working with colleague and fellow researcher Liz Gillis ("The Fall of Dublin", "Revolution in Dublin" – Mercier Press) on the

burning of the Dublin Custom House in 1921, during the Irish War of Independence.

Together they have researched this, one of the most successful and pivotal events of that war, for some time now and are working on a major set of books for Kilmainham Tales on the action itself and the men who took part in it.In September of 2013 Micheal gave the opening paper at the Archbishop Mannix Summer School (for more information contact Patrick Mannix through his website). Titled “Diasporations” the paper was subtitled “The Irish Diaspora – its causes … and consequences” and was very well received.

Of course, Micheal is also continuing to give talks on some of the above topics (contact him for details) and he has other projects in the pipeline, but the above is surely enough to go on with for the moment.  

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