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There are so many events and commemorations as we approach the Centenary of the Easter Rising that we have consciously decided not to comment on any bar the unusual or ones which, for some special reason, catch our attention.
One event we could not overlook is the Decobake tribute to the Easter Rising …. in cake art. We were invited to the opening of their exhibition in their fabulous premises on Bachelor’s Walk – a Pandora’s Box for any cake decorator or artist.

Straight away on entering we were confronted with the most amazing display of cake art – several cakes with inscriptions, sculptures, scrolls, as well as actual busts … all related to the Easter Rising.
We were blown away.

This could have been so tacky but we have to admit it was not. This was as serious a display of art as any other exhibition we have ever been at. The creativity, the thought, the craftsmanship on display was incredible.

It would be invidious to select a favourite, but some stood out for different reasons. The Lee Enfield rifle (above), for example, was so superbly modelled it genuinely looked real. It was full size, with wood graining, the webbing was perfect. An incredible piece. Just look at this detail: 

The Grace Gifford/Joseph Plunkett wedding was beautiful. Restrained, no maudlin sentimentality, it was just beautiful. 

Another understated but powerful was the tribute to Margaret Skinnider. It was simply her iconic hat on a small hat stand, with some gold lace ribbon to bring some colour to it. Knowing Margaret, one wonders was the hat stand hiding anything! A truly beautiful, perfect piece.

Among the busts were Eamon DeValera, James Connolly, Sean MacBride, Thomas Kent and Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell. All superb.

There were some of the iconic buildings, too – the GPO, of course, in a ruinous state, and a monumental and incredibly detailed Jacob’s Factory, as well as the Traitor’s Gate of Stephen’s Green with its ICA man in a shallow trench, a wounded rebel, a nurse and, of course, the ducks being fed!

There were so many people present it was difficult at times to photograph the cakes properly, but we did what we could. One item (not a cake) which caught our eye was the fantastic banner draped along one wall of the shop. We would have loved to photograph it but could not get a clear shot.

We met several of the artists and discussed their work with them. It was fascinating to hear what inspired them, and how they executed their final pieces.

This enterprise was the brainchild of Sandra Stokes McCullough, of Little LADY Cakes, the organiser and "general dogsbody" (to quote her) of the exhibition. Congratulations to Sandra and sponsors Decobake and Icewise and ALL involved on a unique and excellent exhibition. It runs until Friday in Decobake, Bachelor's Walk and then moves to the irish Sugarcraft Show in Citywest, 12-13 march. After that it is is going on the road and, if it comes anywhere near to you, make sure you get to see it. It is unique and inspiring, and well worth seeing. To borrow an old Irish phrase – Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís!

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