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Meeting of the Irish National Aid Association and Volunteer Dependents' Fund 

This photograph shows 60 of the Clann na nGaedheal, Cumann na mBan, and Irish Citizen Army women who took part in the Easter Rising. They were part of the GPO (General Post Office), Jacob’s, Marrowbone Lane, South Dublin Union and College of Surgeons garrisons.

A meeting of the Irish National Aid Association and Volunteer Dependents' Fund was held in Mr. and Mrs. Ely O’Carroll’s house in Peter's Place, Dublin in the summer of 1916 and this photo was taken in their garden. 

While widely reproduced and the names of the women often given, there are discrepancies in the various lists. These discrepancies can be explained, in part, by the fact that there are at least two versions of the photograph, virtually identical. 

The women are all identified below  from these lists, except for one (2.9, Row 2). This is the most accurate and comprehensive identification of these women available. 

However, the names refer to the photograph below only. In the other copy I have seen (e.g. here on the excellent Capuchin Archives Facebook page) Lucy Agnes Smyth 

(L5) and Brigid Foley (5.1) have swapped places, possibly so the two Foley sisters could be side by side in the photo below!.

N.B. Where different names are given, the most frequent is given first, other(s) in brackets, e.g. Eileen (Lilly) Cooney  

This list has been compiled from many sources,including: 

“Guns & Chiffon” – Sinéad McCoole, The Stationery Office, (1997);

Kilmainham Gaol Archives – Niall Bergin

“Linda Kearns: A Revolutionary Irish Woman” – Proinsíos Ó Duigneáin, Drumlin Publications, (2002);

“My Fight For Ireland’s Freedom” – Kathleen Clarke, The O’Brien Press, (1991);

“No Ordinary Women” – Sinéad McCoole, The O’Brien Press, (2003);

“When History Was Made: The Women of 1916” – Ruth Taillon, Beyond the Pale Publications, (2nd Edition, 1999);

“Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives From History” – Marian Broderick, The O’Brien Press, (2002).

"Sentences" - the inhouse magazine of the guides of Kilmainham

Mícheál Ó Doibhilín

Standing (left):
(L1) A. Tobin
Aoife Taafe
(L3) Marcella Cosgrave
(L4) Mrs Kathleen Murphy
(L5) Lucy Agnes Smyth

Standing (right):
(R1) Martha Kelly
(R2) Máire Nic Shiúbhlaigh
(R3) Lily O'Brennan
(R4) (Nurse) Elizabeth  
(R5) Nora (O')Daly
(R6) Mary Murray

Back Row:
(6.1) M. Kelly 
(6.2) Brigid Brady 
(6.3) Jeannie (Jenny)

Back Row (cont):
(6.4) Mrs Kathleen (Katie)
(6.5) Rosie Hackett 
(6.6) Margaret (Máire) Ryan 
(6.7) Brigid Davis 
(6.8) Chris Caffrey 
(6.9) Patricia Hoey

5th Row:
(5.1) Bridget Foley
(5.2) Nora Foley
(5.3) Pauline (Morkan) Morecambe
(5.4) Dolly (O’)Sullivan
(5.5) M. Elliott
(5.6) Mary (Mollie) (O’)Sullivan
(5.7) Tilley Simpson
(5.8) Mrs.Catherine

4th Row:
(4.1) Nora Thornton 
(4.2) Rose Mulally
(4.3) Sheila O'Hanlon 
(4.4) Maria (Moira) Quigley 
(4.5) Margaret O'Flaherty 
(4.6) Josie McGowan
(4.7) Eileen (Lilly) Cooney 
(4.8) Josie O'Keefe 

3rd Row:
(3.1) May Moore 
(3.2) Kathleen Lane 
(3.3) Sarah Kealy
(3.4) Gertie Colley 
(3.5) Mary O'Hanrahan
(3.6) Amee Wisely   (Wisley
(3.7) Bridget Murtagh
(3.8) Cilla (S.) Quigley
(3.9) Julia Grennan
(3.10) Statia Twomey 
(3.11) B. Walsh

2nd Row:
N.B. One name missing
(2.1) Rose McNamara
(2.2) Kathleen Kenny
(2.3) Mary Joe Walsh
(2.4) Mrs Lawless 
(2.5) Jenny Milner 
(2.6) Eileen Walsh
(2.7) K. Kennedy 
(2.8) May Byrne 
(2.9) Unknown 
(2.10) Annie Cooney

Front Row:
(1.1) Madeleine ffrench-Mullen 
(1.2) Miss Brigid Foley
(1.3) Dr. Kathleen Lynn

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