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Authors' Lives

Kilmainham Tales authors come from all areas and walks of life, but most are now - or have been in the past - Information Officers (i.e. Tour Guides) in Kilmainham Gaol. Many have qualifications from the best colleges and universities in Ireland, and all have a special affinity for the Gaol and its history.

Of course, apart from writing for Kilmainham Tales each author has another life, other activities to keep him or her busy. Click on this link or the 'Authors' Activities" under "Authors" tab above to see what each is currently working on or planning. 

Find out what your favourite authors are getting up to here 

Rory O'Dwyer 
a former Kilmainham Gaol guide, lectures in art history at University College Cork. 

He has published a book on the 1932 Eucharistic Congress, and another book on the Restoration of Kilmainham Gaol. Of course, he is the co-author of Abandonment to Restoration in the Kilmainham Tales series.

Rory also gives public talks on many aspects of Irish history both in the Cork area and in Dublin, and can be contacted through Kilmainham Tales.  

Sean J Murphy

       Sean J Murphy is a history graduate of UCD and works as a genealogical and historical researcher, lecturer and writer. 
      From 1989-2017 he conducted Adult  Education certified courses in genealogy in UCD and currently gives introductory and advanced genealogy classes for the National Library of Ireland.
      He has published widely, given many talks
and taken part in television and radio programmes.
      Sean lives with his wife Margaret McGinn and family in Windgates, Co Wicklow.

To see Sean's latest book - 'A History of St James's Church and Graveyard' - click here

Las Fallon 
es in Palmerstown, Dublin and has been a fire-fighter with Dublin Fire Brigade for 3 decades. His previous book ‘Dublin Fire Brigade and the Irish Revolution’ was published in 2012 and was a runaway bestseller. 

Las has an interest in early Irish fire services (including 18th Century insurance company fire brigades) and in the early years of the Dublin Fire Brigade, as well as a special interest in the Brigade’s role during the revolutionary years. He and has written on Irish fire service history for various magazines and has taken part in TV and radio documentariesHe has contributed two pieces to the Storymap Dublin series as well as other online history projects and was volunteer curator of the Dublin Fire Brigade Museum from 2008-11.

Las holds a certificate in Local History from NUI Maynooth. He is a member of various heritage organisations including the Fire Service Trust, the Fire Heritage Network, the Fire Mark Circle and is also a member of the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation and the 1916-1921 Club

Las gives talks to local history societies and history festivals and can be contacted through Kilmainham Tales or here

Eamon Murphy
is an amateur historian with a keen interest in the history of Na Fianna Eireann. His other areas of interest include the 1916 Easter Rising and the Irish Volunteers in the years 1913-1916. 

Eamon is currently writing a biography of his great-grandfather Eamon Martin, one of the founding members of Na Fianna Eireann in 1909 and its Chief of Staff from 1916. 

He is also working on an article on the life of Barney Mellows, the brother of Liam. 

Eamon is passionate about recognising the efforts of, and honouring, Fianna Eireann members from the 1909-23 revolutionary period. 

Eamon's great-grandfather was closely associated with Kilmainham Gaol and was a trustee and founding member of the 'Kilmainham Jail Restoration Society'.

Eamon is an Urban/Town Planner in Sydney, New South Wales and has completing a Master in Urban Management and Planning at the University of Western Sydney. 

Living in Australia, Eamon is also an enthusiast of Australian history, particularly local settler history pre-1900. 

Eamon is a member of the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation and a member of the Australian based Irish National Association 

Eamon's blog "The History of Na Fianna Eireann" is the source for some of the articles on Fianna Eireann we carry on this site and are reproduced with his permission. Eamon is also administrator of Na Fianna Eireann Facebook page here

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