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400 Years of Good Deeds 

What a fantastic conference this was, in the unique setting of St. Mary of the Angels Church in Church Street, Dublin. It was as well that the church was used as in excess of 250 people attended by our reckoning.

Each of the speakers gave an excellent and interesting talk, and the large audience certainly appreciated each one.

The conference was a public history event, intended for those interested in the deep connection between the Capuchin Friars and key events in Irish history during the last four centuries, including their role in the Easter Rising, and the programme was comprehensive.
Fr. Nicholas Archbold and the early Irish Capuchins in Dublin 
(Dr. John McCafferty, UCD)
Friar Nugent and the Franciscans - a not so friendly rivalry
(Fr. Mícheál Mac Craith OFM, Collegio San Isidoro)

400 Years of Capuchin Franciscan Service in Ireland


Friar Nugent and the Franciscans - a not so friendly rivalry

(Fr. Mícheál Mac Craith OFM, Collegio San Isidoro)
The Exile, Death and Repatriation of Fr. Dominic O'Connor, 1922-1958
(Dr. John Borgonovo, UCC)
Fr. Columbus Murphy and his personal narrative on the 1916 Rising
(Dr. Conor Mulvagh, UCD)
'Where and What is Ireland?' - Fr. Senan Moynihan and the Capuchin Annual
(Sonya Perkins, TCD)
The illustrations of Richard King for the Capuchin Annual, 1940-72
(Ruth Sheehy, TCD)
A History of Irish Capuchin Work in Africa
(Fr. Kierna Shorten, OFM Cap., Church Street Friary)

The history of the Capuchins in Ireland is a fascinating one - not just because of their involvement in the revolutionary period of the early 20th century.

This is an order that practices what it preaches - charity - and has stayed true to its founding .intent of always being of and among the people.

We were delighted to see such a great display of Joe Connell's "Rebels' Priests"  in our Kilmainham Tales series on sale, and that the audience was buying it so enthusiastically!

Another great publication on sale was the reprint of the Capuchin Annual of 1966 with its fantastic articles on the Easter Rising for only €10, with half the money going to the Capuchins' Breakfasts charity - such a deserving cause.

We took the opportunity to re-visit the poster exhibition in the Sacred Heart hall adjoining the church, where copious amounts of light refreshments were served throughout the day. The exhibition was officially opened last December by Fr. Sean Donohoe OFM Cap. Vicar General (Fr. Adrian Curran OFM Cap., the Provincial Minister, being out of the country).

Having visited it, we can recommend this exhibition unreservedly. The Capuchins played a vital part in the Easter Rising and War of Independence (see Joe Connell's book "Rebels' Priests" for further details) and continue today to do their Christian duty with their day centre without which many of our more vulnerable citizens would surely have died. The Capuchin archives are a treasure trove of information and are freely accessible to all.

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