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Céad Caoga Míle Fáilte*-150,000 Welcomes*

Bhí 150,000 príosúnaigh I bPríosúin Chill Mhaighneán    -    There were 150,000 prisoners in Kilmainham Gaol 


James Mooney (1818) 
recaptured 10/11/1818
Michael Doyle, 46 (1860) 
 shouting at HM Ajax & trying to swim to the ship as he dreamt that ‘if he swam to the ship he would be made a Baronet or a Bishop’ 
1 month
Joseph Poole, tailor, 27, 1883
Charged with murder
Executed 18/12/1883 in Richmond Prison 


Timothy Kelly, 20 (1883) 
for Phoenix Park Assassinations


John Blake, 30 (1814)
Paroled and did not return
None specified
James Farrell (1800)


Michael Dargan, 19, Thomas Farrell, 24 & John Huslin, 27, Labourers, (1909)
Stealing fixtures from a railway line 
3 years’ penal servitude


Stephen Sweeney, 11, (1866)
Assaulting another boy
14 days & 5 years in Glencree Reformatory
To celebrate the final volume in the "Weapons of ..." series, we have some special offers. 
To Order or find out more go here.
Certificate of Recognition
On Thursday, 7 April 2022, 
Brian O'Neill,
Secretary of the 1916 Relatives Association, 
Mícheál Ó Doibhilín
 with a certificate 
"In Recognition of the Outstanding Contribution to keeping Irish History alive and in particular the support you have provided to An Cumann Gaolta 1916.

With thanks from the Members of An Cumann Gaolta 1916".
This is a rare and much appreciated honour, which acknowledges the work of Kilmainham Tales Teo. and the posters etc. we have designed for the Association. 
We thank Brian and An Cumann Gaolta for this honour.
Remember THESE Posters?
Want one?
Click here for details of how you can purchase a unique artist-signed copy suitable for framing
We have an ambitious publishing programme for this year.
Apart from the just published
"History of St James's Church and Graveyard"
(see below)
we also have the following books (some shown above) being worked on at present:
"Buried Heroes of Esker"
by James Langton & Mícheál Ó Doibhilín - comprehensive biographies of 60+ revolutionary heroes buried in Esker Graveyard;
"Weapons of the Irish Civil War"
the third (or is it the fourth?) part of Kieran McMullen's super series on the weapons of the revolutionary period. Kieran is returning to Ireland for two weeks in May and we aim to have this ready for then;
"Sleep Soldier Sleep"
a reprint of Diarmuid O'Connor's seminal book. Long out of print and long in demand, we have received exclusive right to republish;
"Journal of a Dublin Guardsman"
notes, papers and recollections 1922- 1923 of Col. Pádraig O'Connor 1901-1953 by Diarmuid O'Connor;
"Untold Tales"
the working title of Eddie Bohan's collection of his writings on some of the lesser known stories of Irish History from the pages of Ireland's Own, published to mark his 60th birthday in June.
"Defiant Fallen"
the second part of James Langton's great work of on the dead of the Irish Civil War is currently being researched and we hope to begin work on the editing and artwork soon.
As well as these, we have other titles being discussed, which we hope to tell you about later. In the meantime, "stay tuned" to hear more about the above, and publication dates, and all the latest from us, either on our facebook pages or our Website.
We are delighted to announce our latest publication
A History of
St James's Church and Graveyard
by  Sean J Murphy
This latest book in our Kilmainham Tales Special series is our first of 2022. 
      The books was researched ands written by historian, researcher and lecturer.
      Described recently by one newspaper as a 'master of revealing the past' Sean was the ideal person to research, compile and write this history of a church and graveyard that has been the last resting place of 100,000 Dubliners since their foundation as far back as 1189 AD!
To read more about this book, and order copies at just €12.50, click here or here
Kilmainham Tales author wins major Journalistic Award
One of the best magazines for both militaria and history enthusiasts is An Cosantóir, the magazine of the Irish defence forces.
    Over the years we have advertised in this magazine, and contributed articles to it - in particular the 1916 centenary issue and the more recent War of Independence centenary issue. We have been delighted with the magazine, and watched it grow into a truly unique magazine with a long pedigree, one of our best militaria and history magazines in fact. 
    Recently we attended the Annual Awards Ceremony in McKee Barracks and were proud to see Paul O'Brien, author of four Kilmainham Tales and many other books for other publishers including the 1916 Battlefields series, receive the Lt. M.J. Costello Award as Overall Winner 2018 for his articles therein.
When we were young!! 
(Kilmainham Tales Teo is now 13)
Have you ever wondered why we in Kilmainham Tales do what we do? What is our motivation - information, money, fun, research ... what? well, recently we were asked this very question by an excellent business support website and community, and you can read our reply here 
Why not add your comments/thoughts etc. on that page?
Kilmainham Tales in Dublin's Mansion House
     What an incredible day it was in Dublin's Mansion House on Saturday November 24 2018, when our First Citizen of Dublin, Lord Mayor Cllr. Nial Ring, hosted a special reception in the Mansion House to mark our 10th anniversary.
Music was provided by our Secretary, newly-wed Jenny Ní Dhoibhilín-Marten, and the scrumptious cake was designed and provided by talented Aisling Ní Dhoibhilín.

     Surrounded by friends and family it was a fantastic way to celebrate our first decade, and a wonderful affirmation of the value of what we seek to do in Kilmainham Tales Teo.

     Equally humbling was the special tribute paid to us by the 1916 Relatives Association, represented by Clare Cowley, who also acted as MC on the day, and whose words of praise for us and what we do left us stunned and blushing!

     Several of our authors were there, and it was wonderful to be able to pay tribute to them - as our MD, Mícheál Ó Doibhilín said in his remarks, authors are the lifeblood of publishers - publishers cannot exist without authors, but authors can exist without publishers.

     But the biggest tribute must go to our wonderful Lord Mayor, a true friend of history who has backed what we do so assiduously.

     On the day we presented the Lord Mayor with a complete set of our publications, with the Original Series in the first of our new series binders, and also held a draw for another complete set. In addition, everyone who attended was given a complimentary copy of "May 25 - burning of the Custom House 1921".

     The Lord Mayor, just two days previously in the Irish Times Christmas Guide, had said that the book he would be giving for Christmas would be our "1916 - Cath Sráid Uí Mhórdha/Battle of Moore Street" and, true to his word, in association with Kilmainham Tales a free copy was also given to all attendees! So all who attended shared our celebration.

     A final and special word of thanks must go to all the Mansion House staff - both before and during this event - for their professionalism, friendliness and courtesy. 

     Don Árd Mhéara féin, míle, míle buíochais.     
Congratulations to Áine Broy who won the complete collection of our publications, including the Anne Devlin plaque and Medal.
it is hard to believe, but it is ten - yes, 10 - years since we published our first book under the Kilmainham Tales banner - "Anne Devlin - bravest of the brave". Since then, we have published another 18, bringing the grand total to 19, with plenty more to come.
     Two years ago we launched a new series - Kilmainham Tales Specials - full paperbacks on specific incidents or periods in Irish history - with the publishing of "MAY 25 - burning of the Custom House 1921" and currently are working on our sixth title in this series.
     In total, we have 26 books on Irish history in our catalogue, and counting ... (If you are counting, you will only get to 24 books, but there are two others, a Kilmainham Tales local history one and and a Kilmainham Tales Special of the papers of the Lá na mBan commemoration talks from City Hall on June 10th of this year. Neither are on sale, but were exclusively included in the collection given as a prize and also the set present to the Lord Mayor).
     In between, we produced a special, limited edition plaque in honour of the subject of our first book - Anne Devlin. Limited to only 71 copies, one for each year of her life. Last year we produced a specially designed coin in honour of the same Irish hero.
     We are currently working on a major new book - the first in a trilogy on the Irish Civil War dead - and also have the texts of several other books on our desk. Amongst these are another Kilmainham Tale Special - "A Thirst for Freedom" about the role alcohol and pubs have played in the Irish freedom struggle, an original series book on James Connolly in Scotland, and another 'Weapons' book - this time of the Irish War of Independence. 
     We hope also to return to the successful burning of the Custom House with another book on some of the participants in that event, and produce a book on Josie McGowan, the first Cumann na mBan member to be killed in the War of Independence.
     We also hope to have some great news to share on our ongoing campaign (through 'Cuimhní Anne Devlin') to have Anne Devlin's husband William moved from his present lonely grave to finally lie with his wife as they both wished.
     So, a busy time ahead which we hope you will share with us as you have shared the past ten years!
 Below is just a selection of the many, many photos taken by our photographer Kevin Devlin and others.
Order NOW

To commemorate the life of Anne Devlin, one of our greatest heroes and first female political prisoner, Cuimhní Anne Devlin commissioned this beautiful plaque from Artist Joram (“Jerome”) Drori and cast by him in his workshop and bronze finished in a limited edition of just 71 - one for each year of her life.

Now you can be the proud owner of this limited edition tribute to a great Irish patriot. Click here for further details.

The GPO Cumann na mBan nursing contingent in the battlefield, Easter Week, 1916 ... the forgotten heroism of 12 brave Cumann na mBan Women is told in a major new two-part article by Maeve O'Leary, granddaughter of Lucy Smith (Byrne).
The women were:

Aoife de Burca
Elizabeth (Lillie) Burke (McGinty) 
Louise Gavan DuffyLucy Smith
Lucy Smyth (Byrne)
Molly Reynolds
Martha (Birdie) Walsh (Slater)
Margaret McElroy
Mary Josephine (Mary Jo) Walsh (Rafferty)
Margaret Walsh (Jenkins)
Matilda (Tilly) Simpson
Peggy Downey
Stasia Byrne (Toomey)
and you can read the first part of their fascinating story here or  here
Lord Mayor's support for Reinterment of William Campbell
We are delighted to announce that Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Paul McCauliffe, has thrown his weight behinfd our campaign to have William Campbell, husband of Anne Devlin, moved from the grave he now occupies to his wife's. 

William is buried in a grave purchased by Anne on his death, and she was interred there when she died in 1851. Howver, the historian RR Madden moved Anne to a grave he had purchased in 1852, leaving her husband behind.

We have been campaigning under the broad framework of Cuimhní Anne Devlin to have this wrong righted for the past  15 years, and are delighted to announce this latest supporter of our campaign.

Following his excellent speech at our 2019 Annual Anne Devlin Commemoration, Lord Mayor McCauliffe announced his support for the reinterrment of William Campbell and we are delighted to have the support of the first citizen of Dublin for our campaign.

Some weeks ago, in the latest phase of our campaign, we wrote to John Green, CEO of Glasnevin Trust, asking for permission to move William's remains to his wife's grave, and Lord Mayor mcCauliffe has written in support of our request.

This is the second sitting Lord Mayor to support our campaign (Lord Mayor Cllr. Nial Ring announced his support last year, 2018) and we trust that such prominent backing will achieve the result we have so far failed to achieve alone and that, soon, Anne Devlin will be reunited with her husband William Campbell, as she wished.
In Memoriam
I ndíl chuimhne

Too many friends and family have died since this site was launched. We cannot and will not allow them to be forgotten, so tributes to them all are on a special page here.

Shane Mac Thomais (20/03/2014)

Stanley (Stan) L. Devlin

John Heuston Devlin

Kathleen (Catherine) Price

Máire Eilis Beggs

Ag lorg altanna/
Finding Articles 

On the pages within this site are articles relating to the history of Kilmainham Gaol and its environs. However, due to the increasing number of articles we are carrying, not all are shown in the drop-down menus above.

To access an article first click on a section head above to go to the main page for that section. There you can select your interest from the drop-down menu or links to the articles which will be found on the page you land on.

Siege of the Four Courts 

talk now online

Liz Gillis (author of "The Fall of Dublin" and "Revolution in Dublin" - Mercier Press), and a contributor to this site, on Saturday March 29, gave a lecture on The Siege of the Four Courts 1922 to the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People's History Project

This was a bravura performance as Liz clearly demonstrated her deep knowledge and understanding of the events that started the Irish Civil War, not just during her talk but in her answers to the searching questions from the floor. 

To see and hear this talk in full, go here or to watch it on YouTube go here

For more on this talk see the Project's Facebook page here 

Female Transportation
to Australia - remembering Bridget Murray

25,600 females were transported to Australia from the so-called British Isles (Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) from 1788 to 1853 for crimes as petty as 'stealing 12 potatoes". Almost half of these were Irish.  (More)

Some, of course, had committed graver crimes, and one such transported was Bridget Murray of East Clare, a poor, illiterate servant-girl who, beguiled by her lord and master, bore him a daughter in 1841. (More)


Kilmainham Tales Teo. is a publishing venture dedicated to issuing ‘pocket money’ books on all aspects of the history of Kilmainham Gaol and associated places, people and events. (More)

The Tales:
While 'popular' and 'non-academic', each Kilmainham Tale is a work of high scholarly standards. ..... In addition, each book is copiously illustrated with contemporary pictures and/or specially commissioned illustrations (More)

The Website:
This website is intended to be an online window for our books, but it is hoped it will grow to be more than that. We will carry news items relating to Kilmainham Gaol, the surrounding area and other areas that are of interest to the Gaol and its history. Here, too, you will find information on all our authors and their activities, for instance, as well as reviews of books by other writers and publishers.

Co-operation with other publishers:
Kilmainham Tales Teo. is not in competition with any other publisher. We wish to work in harmony with all and will gladly review fairly any relevant book we are given for review. The Irish history scene - especially the early 20th Century - is particularly blessed with many excellent publishers and historians, and we read and consult most of their books in the course of our own work. If any publisher wishes us to review a book, just send us a copy here

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