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Much is happening in the run up to the centenary of the Easter Rising 1916 and, as part of our contribution to the commemoration and celebration of those who took part, we are planning a special series of books/articles entitled "The Forgotten 2000".

Some 2400 men, women and children took part in the Easter Rising. Some are well known, many are not. In this series we want to tell the stories of some of the men and women who do not normally get their stories told - the "Forgotten 2000"

 if you have an "unknown" relative who was part of the Easter Rising and would like to see his or her story on our website or in print, then click the link below and download the form, fill it in and post it off to us. We'll be in touch very quickly to see what we can do with your story.

All we want to know at first is your relative's name and some small details of what he or she did, where they were during the rebellion, and whether or not you know what happened to them afterwards.

When we get in touch we will discuss what you know and how best to put the story together.

This does not have to be a long (or short!) story - we would love to see photos, documents, medals etc. being included in the story, but they are not absolutely necessary. All information etc. you provide remains yours, and copyright on the final story remains yours also - but, of course, we also have the right to publish what we agree on. Nothing, however, will be published that you are unhappy with or have not agreed to.

There will be no costs in this for you - this is a free service which we are proud to offer as a tribute to those who fought for us and our future.

Download the Forgotten 2000 form here and send the completed form back to as at the address shown on it. Don't forget to keep a copy, and to fill in your own contact details.

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