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On this page we will carry occasional information about events, services and products that we feel may be of interest to you. Many of these will be paid services or products, but we are NOT being paid to carry the advertisements (at present! - we'll let you know if that changes). This website, in keeping with our Company policy, is a not-for-profit enterprise. 

Equally, the fact that a product or service is mentioned here does not mean that Kilmainham Tales Teo accepts any liability whatsoever for or on behalf of the product or service or its provider - if you use these then it is up to you to satisfy yourself that they are suitable for you and their use is totally at your own risk. 

If you encounter problems, they will be solely between you and the supplier, we will not get involved, but you may like to let us know and we may remove the reference to that product or service from this page as a result.

That said, we think you may be interested in some of the items which we occasionally list here.

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